Barn Elements, Close-up — Southern Idaho

Part 3 of 10: Southern Idaho back-road photos

As Fred and I discovered derelict barns on our search for old stuff, I was drawn to the texture, colors, and compositions of looking at the barns closer up. Here are several of these photos.

Aligned Moon

Split Shingle


Hinge and Door


Boarded Window

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4 Responses to Barn Elements, Close-up — Southern Idaho

  1. Fred Schmidt says:

    Love ’em all! My fave is hinge and door. They look great John!

  2. Holly Gordon says:

    Love the close-ups! and I find it engaging that over the years I, too, have focused on this subject-matter. Looking through window through window is a visual echo. These are wonderful and I want to see more!

    • Thanks, Holly. I really like your “visual echo” description. I like shooting close-ups that hint of their context (perhaps not as explicit as above), but still provide an abstract quality—sort of abstract-reality.

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