Three Sheds — Southern Idaho

Part 4 of 10: Southern Idaho back-road photos

Here is a shed I spotted in the ghost town, Silver City. I included with it, two woodsheds I photographed the last time I visited Idaho (2001), in Garden Valley. My friends Fred and Yvonne had a cabin on the Payette River.

This shed is seen as one enters Silver City from the north, on the right, or west side. The string of objects on the side of the cabin appear to be various insulator caps most likely collected during many years. The string looks like a large, glass-beaded necklace (maybe for a bear). Those are mule deer antlers over the door.

Across from the entrance to Fred’s former cabin was this woodshed. It was shot in late September.

Also near Fred’s cabin was this woodshed adorned with an elk antler rack.

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4 Responses to Three Sheds — Southern Idaho

  1. Fred Schmidt says:

    What a variance in the shed colors! They have survived years of Idaho weather and have the character to show for it! Great memories John-

  2. Holly Gordon says:

    What symbiosis…you have elevated the shed to architecture interacting with Nature

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