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Galen Rowell's Vision
by Galen Rowell
"Adventure, Aesthetics, and Photography," by John Ellsworth
Galen Rowell's Vision: The Art of Adventure Photography

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Adventure, Aesthetics, and Photography

If you wish to become an active, thoughtful photographer, one who is conscientious about seeing, especially from another point of view, and you are willing to take the time and effort to get a shot, this book is for you.

Galen Rowell's essays are richly entwined with clear strands of philosophical, technical, and artistic perspectives.

Like Galen has done most of his life--explore and adventure--the book is an exploration of inner and outer realms. Throughout the 60 essays, we explore the outer, physical world, as well as the inner thoughtful and emotional world that accompanies aesthetic photography.

Galen becomes our guide as he shows us new pathways of exploring photography. We learn to think about creating visual order out of chaos. We see the relationship between thoughtful preparation and capturing an image. While commonsense techniques are suggested, we learn to validate old technology as well as recent innovations. We are apprised of ethical issues when shooting. And most important (for me) we explore the resonance between spirit, content, and form through photography.

This book, with its exquisite images and stories behind them, will likely help you see better, become more contemplative as a photographer, and encourage you to capture that which you see with greater emotional integrity and technical competence.