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Tiller and the Pen: A collection of sailors' stories

Edited by John Ellsworth and illustrated by Barry Rockwell.


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"Gem-like stories in a snappy sampler . . ."
—Robby Robinson, SAIL

Editorial Reviews:

Possible Answer: Cruising World magazine, January 1996
An entertaining collection of 13 stories and one poem by contemporary sailor/writers brought together by professional seaman, teacher and writer John Ellsworth.

Jeanette K. Cakouros, Coastal Journal, September 13, 1995
Fine, realistic stories, all with strong characters and worthy themes. I enjoyed this collection immensely, almost always going back to read and enjoy a story again. A good gift for the sailor or reader in your life.

SAIL magazine, October 1995
Tales of sailors and dreamers. . . . practically caked in salt, SAIL magazine.

Roger F. Duncan, Maine in Print, July 1995
John Tucker's Cutting Rope shows in a lightning flash a romantic boy's discovery of his own inadequacy. It hurts a little. In Eton Churchill's Three Men and a Boat two generations reflect contrasting attitudes on the mirror of a middle one. . . . Daughter of the Tradewind at first reading is frustratingly obscure, then alluring, finally profoundly stirring. Mike Lipstock's Uncle Benny is psychic, mysterious; Ray Bradley's Corona del Diablo is incredible. Each one is strong stuff, conscientiously written and sincere. This unusual collection is good reading and is well worth careful study by the serious literary artist.
Roger F. Duncan is the author of Coastal Maine, a Maritime History and of Eastward, recently republished in paperback by Blackberry Books. He is co-author of The Cruising Guide to the New England Coast published by W. W. Norton.